Why PADI (Professional Association of Diving Professionals)?

PADI divers have the most wanted and recognized diving licenses in the world.
It does not matter where you want to go diving, with your PADI license you can go anywhere to dive.
In most of the cases you will be joined by divers who had the same PADI education as you had.
This is because of the fact that PADI is the biggest educator in the world.

Education differences:
PADI educations are made to be pleasant and easy to learn, and you will practice shortly after you start.
Under the supervision of a licensed Instructor, you will gain trust and you will learn the most important skills to make save dives.
All the information can be found in the teaching materials of PADI (the book, DVD and more).
The Instructors use the latest materials and special developed techniques to teach the students.

Your instructor knows when you are ready for your license, because he uses a technique called "performance-based learning".
This means that you have to show that you manage a part before you can go on with the next.
Your Instructor is there to help you to reach your goal no matter how long it will take.
You have to earn your PADI license, but the Instructor is there to help you.

International integrity:

The PADI education system makes sure that all over the world the courses are the same and taught the same way.
It is possible that there are some extra skills learned because of local circumstances.
This means that a course followed in Indonesia is the same as a course followed in Poland.
At the moment there are 130.000 PADI professionals teaching in about 5300 PADI dive centers in 180 countries.
So the chance is very great that you will find an instructor that can teach you in your own language.
And to make it possible the books are translated into 26 languages.

For more information see the PADI website.



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